S. Aliasghar Hashemzadeh


Assistant professor

Department of Islamic Knowledge

University of Isfahan, Iran













I) Personal Information

Name: Aliasghar Hashemzadeh

Date of Birth: 1984

Place of Birth: Isfahan, Iran

 II) Education

1- B.A. in French literature, 2007, Isfahan University, Isfahan, Iran

2- M.A. in Islamic Ethics, 2011, University of Qom, Qom, Iran

3- Ph.D. in Moral Philosophy (Ethics), 2018, University of Qom, Qom, Iran


III) Thesis

1- M.A. Thesis: Ethical Consumerism, History, Foundation, Problems

Supervisor: Dr. Hasan Eslami

Advisor: Dr. Hadi Arabi

2- Ph.D. Thesis: Supererogatory Acts of Moral Saints and Its Justification

Supervisor: Dr. Mohsen Javadi

Advisor: Dr. Zahra Khazaei


IV) Academic Positions

1- Assistant Professor of Islamic Knowledge, University of Isfahan, Isfahan, Iran, 2020-Now.

2- Cultural consultant of the Islamic Studies Department, 2022-Now.


V) Research Interests

- Moral Philosophy

- Applied ethics (Bioethics, IT Ethics)

- Religious Studies

- Moral Psychology


VI) Teaching

1- Applied Ethics (B.A.)   

2- Islamic Ethics (B.A.)  

3- Moral Philosophy (B.A.)

4- English for Students of Theology (M.A.)


VII) Publication

a) Journal Paper

1-       Consumption as a moral action: A Critical reading on philosophical approaches to consumption." Revelatory Ethics 4.2, 2014.

2-       In defense of natural law, Quarterly Journal of Ethics, Educational Sciences and Psychology, No.2, 2015.

3-       Analysis and justification of supererogation in moral philosophy, Quarterly Journal of Religious Thought, No. 67, summer 2018.

4-       Are vices deadly? Quarterly Journal of Ethics, No. 53, Fall 2018.

5-       The Effects of Consumerism on Individual Ethical Identity Relying on the Iranian Style of Life, ETHICS, No. 8, 2019.

6-       The application of virtue ethics in moral education: Challenges and opportunities, Ethics, No. 5, winter 2020.

7-       Study of Linda Zagzebski's Theological Approach to Moral Saints, Comparative Theology, 13.28 winter 2022.

8-       An Analysis of Kant's Viewpoint on the Criterion of Moral Value Based on Henson and Herman's Interpretations, Journal of Philosophical Investigations, Volume 17, Issue 44 (Autumn 2023).

9-       Saintly life, fact or fable: analysis and critique of Susan Wolf's approach, Metaphysics Journal, Volume 16, Issue 37, March 2024.

b) Conference Paper

1- "Consumption as a moral act: A critical reading of philosophical approaches to consumption", International Conference on Ethics and Religions, ESRA International Foundation Of Revelatory Sciences, March 2012, Qom, Iran.

2- “Moral saints and supererogation”, IX International Conference of Students, Postgraduates and Young Scientists "Man in the Orthodox Church: the view of the young. Christianity and the Civilizational Crisis", March 2022, Moscow, Russia.

VIII) Special Skills

·       Proficient in Computer Operatory

·       Book Editor

·       English (fluent)

·       French(fluent)

·       Arabic (fairly reading and listening)


Email: a.hashemzadeh@theo.ui.ac.ir               

Tel: +98-31-37935737

Address: Department of Islamic Knowledge, Faculty of Theology and Ahl-al-Bayt (PBU) Studies, University of Isfahan, Isfahan 8174673441, Iran